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Attorney Alex Rosenthal Earns Senior Fellow Status in Litigation Counsel of America

Attorney Alex Rosenthal of Rosenthal Law Group in Weston, Florida has recently achieved Senior Fellow status within the Litigation Counsel of America (LCA). In order to become a Senior Fellow, a member must first become a Fellow and then hold that designation for seven years. This is an impressive title granted to only a few members each year who have continually proven their dedication to the LCA and its mission across the years.

The Litigation Counsel of America has intentionally limited its membership roster to just 3,500 total Fellows across the country, marking it as a prestigious group. To be offered Fellowship, a trial attorney must exemplify excellence in court and during the heat of litigation. When the pressure is on, or when a case becomes highly intricate, Fellows are known for being able to get through it without delay or complication.

The goal of the LCA is the creation and maintenance of an association of leading trial attorneys who all continually contribute to the advancement of trial processes, the American justice system as a whole, and everything related. The tight network of litigation specialists can easily juggle new ideas, review keynote cases, discuss legal changes, arrange for advocacy for clients with unique cases, and so forth. To be a Senior Fellow means Attorney Alex Rosenthal has been believing in and supporting this incredible organization for longer than many attorneys have even been practicing law.

To learn more about the Litigation Counsel of American, you can click here to visit the organization’s official website. For more information about Rosenthal Law Group and the work of Florida business litigation Attorney Rosenthal, you can contact our firm at any time. We offer over-the-phone consultations at 954.384.9200 for inquiring clients.