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Rosenthal Law Group Wins Finance Monthly Legal Awards 2019 Trade Secrets Law Firm of the Year (USA)

Finance Monthly has selected Rosenthal Law Group in Weston, Florida as its winner of the 2019 Trade Secrets – Law Firm of the Year (USA) Legal Award for outstanding legal services provided to small businesses and corporations alike.

Rosenthal Law Group in Weston, Florida has been given the Finance Monthly – 2019 Legal Awards – Trade Secrets – Law Firm of the Year (USA) Legal Award.

Readers of Finance Monthly and the publication’s official panel of judges are asked each year to nominate law firms of outstanding caliber. There are nearly a quarter-of-a-million subscribers to Finance Monthly. For the 2019 nomination process, the publication reported close to 20,000 votes, which is its highest amount ever collected.

A variety of legal awards are given to law firms and individual attorneys across the country, as well as in several other countries. Award winners in any category, including Trade Secrets – Law Firms, are expected to carry an impeccable track record of success and influence across the last year. Excellence in general practice is also expected, such as positive client testimonials, involvement with noteworthy cases, and overall experience. The selection process relies on months of research, voting, and reanalysis to conclude which lawyers and law firms are genuinely deserving of the given titles.

The official list of Finance Monthly Legal Awards 2019 winners will be printed and electronically distributed in the publication’s Friday, April 26th, 2019 edition.

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