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Sometimes Smaller Is Better

Hiring a law firm is one of the most important decisions a client has to make. There are nearly 80,000 lawyers in Florida and thousands of law firms. The decision to hire a large or small law firm is among the first things many clients consider. Conventional thinking may be that hiring a large law firm will provide better legal representation. After all, large law firms have fancy offices, a lot of support staff, and so many lawyers to work on your case.

Why Choose Our Miami Business Lawsuit Lawyers

The reality is that those are among the primary reasons why a small law firm is better.

  • As a smaller law firm, Rosenthal Law Group can solve your problem more efficiently – there is virtually no legal problem that requires ten, five or even three lawyers to solve.
  • As a smaller law firm, Rosenthal Law Group’s expectation for retainers is more reasonable than those demanded by large law firms.
  • As a smaller law firm, Rosenthal Law Group’s hourly fees are much more reasonable than those charged by large law firms.
  • As a smaller law firm, Rosenthal Law Group’s attorneys are more responsive and provide more personal attention to clients than large law firms.
  • As a smaller law firm, Rosenthal Law Group’s attorneys are more accessible to clients than large law firms.
  • As a smaller law firm, Rosenthal Law Group provides clients with attorneys who have the same or even greater experience than the attorneys assigned to your matter at a large law firm. The attorneys at Rosenthal Law Group have received some of the most coveted and recognized professional awards and accolades.
  • As a smaller law firm, Rosenthal Law Group personalizes you and your matter and treats you and your matter like you are the most important client to the Firm.
  • As a smaller law firm, Rosenthal law Group has a fraction of the overhead than large law firms. This enables Rosenthal Group to charge a fair, affordable and reasonable hourly rate to provide equal or greater legal representation.
Sometimes Smaller is Better

Representing A Client Is An Awesome Responsibility That We Do Not Take Lightly

At our Florida business law firm, we recognize that representing our clients is an awesome responsibility. We make sure that each client receives the care and attention that they deserve. If our Miami business litigation attorney does not believe we can meet our client’s expectations, we will let you know. Our firm is driven by the personal and professional relationships that we make, not the legal fees we charge.

Relationships: Our Clients are our Family

When meeting a new client, the first thing our Florida business litigation attorneys determine is their goals and needs. The better we understand the client, the more effectively we can represent them. Because our Miami business attorneys view our client relationships like personal relationships with friends and family, we treat the client’s problem like it is our problem.

Florida Business Litigation Attorneys

Relentless Representation for Your Interests

When it comes to your business, maintaining the relationships you have with co-owners, employees, and entities beyond your company’s walls can become challenging. Due to the complexity of these relationships and the legal framework governing them, it’s likely that you may one day face a contentious problem with another party that needs to be resolved in court.

If that day has arrived, reach out to Rosenthal Law Group for legal support and litigation you can rely on.

Our Miami Business Lawyers

Our business litigation attorneys in Miami can help you make sense of your situation while building a personalized legal strategy that works toward achieving your goals. We’ll clarify complicated legal matters to help you better understand what you’re up against and the options available to you.

Our business litigation attorneys in Florida are focused on finding proactive legal solutions that make achieving your goals possible without incurring unnecessary costs or delays. We appreciate what it means to be a business owner and what’s at stake when you have a dispute that requires litigation. Rest assured that you are in capable, competent, and trustworthy hands when you reach out to Rosenthal Law Group for assistance.

Reach out to our business attorneys online or by calling (954) 384-9200 to discover the difference Rosenthal Law Group can make for you.

Decades of Florida Business Law Experience By Your Side

No business professional should lack confidence or trust in their attorney’s capability to secure a favorable outcome. While results can rely on a myriad of factors beyond anyone’s control, you deserve legal counsel that will pursue every possible option that may lead to an outcome in your favor.

At Rosenthal Law Group, our clients choose us because we inspire such confidence in them. Not only that, but we legitimize that confidence with actions that show our clients’ best interests drive every step we take.

If you are interested in learning more about why business professionals have chosen our representation for more than 20 years, reach out to us for a consultation to discuss your legal options.

Rosenthal Law Group provides advocacy for clients who need to litigate business disputes. While this is not the limit to what our attorneys are capable of providing for our clients, it’s our firm’s primary focus.

Service at a Local & National Scope

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  • Alex P. Rosenthal Photo
    Alex P. Rosenthal

    Founding Attorney

    Before forming his own law firm, he worked for two years in the Miami office of Stroock & Stroock & Lavan and then worked several years with the firm of Britton, Weissman, Lichtman & Dervishi, P.A.

    Mr. Rosenthal's litigation practice extends statewide in both state and federal courts, and he acts as a certified arbitrator in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit, in and for Broward County, Florida.

  • Amanda J. Jones Photo
    Amanda J. Jones


    Amanda Jassem Jones is an associate at Rosenthal Law Group, where she focuses her practice in the areas of commercial litigation and premises liability matt

Advocate For Your Interests

We are prepared to advocate for the interests of business owners and other parties involved in a legal dispute pertaining to common matters such as a breach of contract, business torts, corporate transactions, partnership disputes, and more.

Our Miami business attorneys can also provide litigation representation for disputes originating from matters involving real estate law, construction law, and employer representation in employment law and labor disputes.

Your Problems Solved By Highly Experienced Lawyers

  • Lower retainers
  • Personal attention
  • Responsive accessibility
  • More compassion & care

Achieve Your Goals

Rosenthal Law Group’s experienced and skilled litigators challenge themselves on a daily basis to provide our clients with the highest possible quality of legal service and representation. We measure our success by yours and we are fully committed to doing what’s necessary to help you ensure success in a legal dispute.

We strive to apply our more than 40+ years of experience and extensive knowledge of the law to help you craft a personalized legal strategy that makes the best possible results achievable. You may not currently see a clear path from where you are now to where you need to go, but our business litigation attorneys in Florida can help you chart a course to get there.

Reach out to us online or by calling (954) 384-9200 to discover the difference Rosenthal Law Group can make for you.

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Experiences That Have Made an Impact

  • “I recently had the pleasure of working with Alex Rosenthal on a contract matter, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the service provided. From the very beginning, he demonstrated exceptional ...”

    - Ozgur A.
  • “Alex Rosenthal, attorney, provided excellent service in addressing the legal matter he was retained for. I highly recommend Alex.”

    - President & CEO Aris Horticulture, Inc.
  • “I cannot recommend Alex Rosenthal highly enough. From the outset, Alex was not only immensely professional but also genuinely humane and compassionate. His honesty and decisiveness shone through at ...”

    - Dr. Zuluan
  • “Alex is the best lawyer I’ve had the pleasure of working with, very responsive and seemingly works 7 days a week. Not only a great lawyer, but great guy as well. He understood my business issue and gave me multiple options that saved me money and hea”

    - Lennar A.
  • “Very good business attorney - was direct, responsive and professional. Highly recommended!”

    - Jeremy M.