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Strong litigators experienced at handling all aspects of commercial landlord tenant litigation, Rosenthal Law Group's attorneys, led by Alex Rosenthal, are prepared, even prior to filing suit, to anticipate what the other side will likely argue to avoid eviction and liability for damages. Having represented landlords and tenants in a variety of different commercial landlord tenant disputes, Rosenthal Law Group has practically seen every possible argument made in landlord tenant litigation. While the firm generally focuses only on commercial landlord representation, from time to time, the firm does represent commercial tenants when there are no conflicts with other clients. Because of our experience, Rosenthal Law Group can provide an upfront assessment of the case through eviction and trial on damages. Of course, litigation avoidance is often preferred and Rosenthal Law Group has experience negotiating and drafting thorough settlement agreements with strong enforcement remedies.

Not only do we have experience dealing with disputes after they occur, but we also have experience assisting landlords and tenants in drafting detailed leases that spell out the rights and remedies necessary to avoid common litigation issues and, if a dispute arises, provide a clear path towards a resolution. Nothing is worse than having to litigate a landlord tenant dispute with an ambiguous lease that ends up creating additional fees and costs for all of the litigants. Learn what you need to consider when choosing a commercial landlord tenant lawyer.

Because landlord tenant disputes involve possession of real property and a need for immediate resolution, the most important thing a landlord needs is an experienced attorney who isn't learning and figuring out what needs to be done on your case. The time to reinvent the wheel is not on your important matter. In most cases, Rosenthal Law Group can file an eviction lawsuit the same day the firm is retained.

Rosenthal Law Group handles all types of commercial landlord tenant disputes including:

  • Claims for unpaid rent
  • Claims for non-monetary defaults
  • Evictions
  • Property Damage Claims
  • Distress for Rent Proceedings
  • Disputes with consignors of property
  • Breach of Guaranty claims
  • Rent Deposit Claims

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Commercial Landlord Laws

Commercial landlord laws lay out both the rights and responsibilities of commercial landlords in Florida. Additionally, they cover the rights and responsibilities of commercial tenants. At Rosenthal Law Group, we have helped many clients in landlord-tenant disputes to overcome the difficulties they are having. We understand how important your property is to you and we do everything in our power to effectively and efficiently represent our clients' interests. A Florida commercial litigation attorney should be contacted immediately in order to mitigate any negative consequences to the property or case.

As a landlord, you have the right to collect rent from the tenants as long as your obligations to your tenants as a landlord are met. These obligations are specified in the lease agreement. A tenant has the right to use the rented property and to the quiet enjoyment of the property as long as the tenant's obligations are met.

These rules are the groundwork of tenant-landlord law. The rights that the landlord and tenant have are laid out in the lease and the law follows the specifications of the lease even more so than in residential tenant-landlord disputes.

Involved in a commercial landlord-tenant dispute?

In residential leases, the rights of the tenants are more closely defined in order to protect the tenant. In commercial leases, however, the rights of the tenant are not as rigid as commercial law expects that commercial tenants are able to negotiate for and protect themselves better.

It is important to review your situation with an attorney before taking any further action. Accepting late payments from commercial tenants can forfeit your right to terminate the lease or to obtain possession. It is important to utilize the advice of a skilled business attorney in your landlord-tenant disputes in order to ensure that you are not taken advantage of. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable and are relied upon as authorities in the field of landlord tenant law. In addition to their extensive practical experience, they act as a professional resource, both lecturing and authoring materials on the subject.

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There is too much at stake for either party to move forward without the assistance of a highly skilled lawyer, as there is a marked difference between the relationship of a landlord and residential tenant and an owner of a rental property and its business tenants. Having an attorney that is thoroughly grounded in these differences can save you costly mistakes and wasted time in the future.

We protect landlord's rights and ensure that they are not taken advantage of. Additionally, we minimize the risks associated with litigation when it is absolutely necessary. Mr. Rosenthal has lectured in the area of commercial landlord tenant law and has published architecture materials in the ares of commercial landlord tenant law. He has successfully handled hundreds of cases over the past several years.

Our firm has successfully assisted many businesses, stores, restaurants, and other types of commercial establishments with landlord-tenant litigation. If you are having difficulties in any of the following areas, we urge you to speak with an attorney from our firm immediately:

  • Missed rent payments
  • Breach of lease
  • Overcharged rent disputes
  • Property damage disputes
  • Fixture damage or fixture related disputes
  • Evictions
  • Collections

Landlord/tenant relationships sometimes end up in dispute. When they do, our firm ensures that clients are given efficient and experienced representation.

Rosenthal Law Group have established what is considered the elite Florida business law firm. Alex Rosenthal has been named in "The Best Lawyers in America" list every year from 2010 through 2017 in the Commercial Litigation category and recognized as a fellow by the Litigation Counsel of America, we have represented businesses locally and nationally. Call our firm today so that we can begin to assist you.

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