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Tortious Interference with Contracts

Protecting your interests and property within a commercial endeavor is a critical part of the success of any business owner. A crucial property interest - one that may not even be considered strongly as such until a problem arises - is your company's business relationships. You are fully entitled by law to have these relationships protected from the unjustified tampering of another person or entity. When such tampering occurs, it is considered "tortious interference" and is an affront to your enterprise's success and property rights. Swift action should be mounted by a Florida commercial litigation lawyer should this threaten to damage your business interests.

A "tort" is simply a wrongful act in the eyes of the law. Tortious interference in its broadest sense covers both contractual relationships as well as other business activities, irrespective of contract involvement. When a tort leads to a breach of contract, your attorney can work diligently to prove your claim in court, showing that:

  • A valid and enforceable contract between you and a third party existed
  • The alleged tortfeasor was aware of this contract
  • The alleged tortfeasor intentionally or unjustifiably induced a breach of the contract
  • Such wrongful conduct caused a breach by the third party

As part of a tortious interference claim, you may be able to obtain monetary damages for the loss that your business has incurred. Not only is such behavior on the part of a defendant unconscionable, a failure to take action can spell disaster for your company.

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