Effective, July 1, 2012, we will open and operate our firm as the Rosenthal Law Group.

Associates, Amanda Jassem Jones and Jennifer Gross will remain on board and we have added a new associate, Rhiannon Sforza-Flick, who clerked for me while in law school and is a 2011 graduate of the University of Miami Law School. Jennifer will be "of counsel" to the firm.

Other familiar faces and voices remaining with the firm are Jana Braun, paralegal and office manager, Ashley Thomas, secretary. The office address, telephone number and fax number will remain the same. The only difference to you will be my email address: and our firm's website address Of course, if you forget, I will still get my old email address emails if you happen to send emails to that address.

This is an exciting time for our firm and I look forward to continuing to provide clients with the same excellent service that they have received in the past.


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