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Effective Representation for General Contract Disputes

When involved in a contract dispute it is wise to obtain competent legal representation. The best commercial litigation lawyer in Florida may be able to resolve your matter efficiently with reference to applicable law that an adversary will have to accept. A lawyer may often guide a client in successful strategies and avoidance of costly missteps. A lawyer's reputation in the courtroom will often induce an opposing side to give up frivolous claims or pay appropriate damages.

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At Rosenthal Law Group, we represent clients engaged in a wide variety of contract disputes across the state of Florida. When clients contact us, we meet with them to learn the nature of the dispute. We review the contract and learn of the developments that have led to the dispute. We advise our client of the options available and then proceed to pursue our client's objectives.

We understand our client may be concerned about the cost of litigation and the need for speed in resolution of the dispute. A tough negotiator with a proven record of success in court is often the client's most economical solution to litigation. We are experienced in all methods of dispute resolution including negotiation, settlement conferences, mediation and arbitration. We find our reputation for aggressive advocacy in the courtroom is a decided asset in these alternative venues.

Litigation Services for Internal and External Contract Disputes

In our experience litigation achieves the most favorable results when there is solid trust between the attorney and client. As a result, we listen to our client explain the situation and to understand their expectations. We allow the client educate us on the nature of the client's business. As the case progresses we keep our client fully informed of developments, return calls promptly and answer any questions. Most of all we relentlessly pursue our client's litigation to achieve the most favorable results possible.

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