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Consulting contracts generally lay out the professional services that the consultant will provide for an agreed upon fee. A consultant is someone who gives expert or professional advice on a matter to the benefit of the company. An employee is someone who is hired by a company or person for a fixed amount of payment in exchange for his or her service at the company. This is not done as an independent business such as when the individual is an independent contractor.

Unfortunately, business agreements are not always followed. Failure to provide the service laid out in the contract or agreement can result in a breach of contract. When this occurs, it is in the best interest of the company, corporation, or business to speak with a Florida commercial litigation attorney at their earliest convenience. No matter what your exact situation, we have the knowledge and experience to help. Having a skilled business litigation attorney from our firm review your case immediately will greatly improve your chances of obtaining the outcome you desire.

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It is important to prevent later disputes by having an attorney draft a correct and optimum consulting or employment contract. We have helped clients with simple contracts to highly complex employment and consultation arrangements. Protecting your business with non-competition provisions is sometimes a necessity and we can see to it that all of your best interests are protected.

We work diligently to assist our clients so that their corporations, businesses and companies are fully protected and able to succeed. We always seek to limit the risk of employment for our business clients and we are there to provide outstanding litigation to our clients when it can no longer be avoided. At Rosenthal Law Group, we are vigorous in protecting your business on all fronts. With recognition from "The Best Lawyers in America" list every year from 2010 through 2017, Attorney Alex Rosenthal and his team can ensure you that we will meet your needs as your Florida business litigation lawyer.

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