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Contracts are a critical aspect in any business, and the careful drafting of these documents can assist business owners in avoiding costly disputes in the future. Preventing future problems and ensuring that if problems do arise that you or your business is protected in the contract is vital. The contracts should outline clearly, clearly and without confusing wording or terms, the remedies that the client has if the contracted firm or individual fails to uphold the terms of the contract. A top Florida business litigation lawyer from Rosenthal Law Group provides the skill and experience to draft even the most complex contracts with regard to real estate, leasing, construction, sales and distribution, and confidentiality and non-compete agreements among others.

Contract Disputes in Florida

We provide the legal counsel to our clients that are facing a contract dispute, whether they are accused of violating their contract or when they are in a position in which a contracted individual or business failed to uphold the terms of their agreement. We support clients with skilled legal representation in all types of industries throughout the state of Florida, and are recognized as a premier legal team in litigating any breach of contract, or defending those accused of such violations.

In many cases, the matter can be resolved in less costly manner, through negotiations and dispute resolution techniques. We understand fully how important it is to avoid the costs of litigation whenever possible; when there is no alternative to taking the case to court, your case will be prepared diligently and professionally for presentation. We are recognized as a highly accomplished firm, with an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell® denoting the highest peer valuation for professional knowledge, legal ability and principled conduct. We represent our corporate clients with premier professional skill, and our creative and insightful team is prepared to discuss your case and advise you how to move forward.

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