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If you are a contractor, developer or commercial landlord owner, you may be concerned about competitors seeking to undermine your relationships with general contractors and owners. You may be worried about getting paid for the work you are doing. You may be getting sued for not getting a job done on time even though it rained for three straight weeks. You are urged to contact a construction litigation attorney in Florida to assist you.

If you have a contract with an owner or general contractor to perform services, a competitor may seek to get the owner or general contractor to breach the contract with you. This can cause you considerable loss of work and income. You may sue for interference with contractual relations. Similarly, if you have an ongoing relationship with a general contractor, you have reason to expect much future income from this relationship. If another seeks to poison your relationship by spreading lies about you to the general contractor, you may file claim for interference with prospective business advantage.

Your biggest problem may be just getting paid for what you do. Where the general contractor does not pay you, you may file a mechanics' lien. This puts the owner on notice that the general contractor may be pocketing the money. Furthermore, if you do not then get paid, you may foreclose against the whole project. The matter will then land in court where the judge will sort matters out and order your fee paid.

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We are dedicated to helping contractors involved in construction litigation. We know you have a hard job and we seek to make it easier. Rosenthal Law Group is a construction litigation firm serving contractors and developers across Florida. Our firm has been awarded an AV rating for outstanding professional and ethical standards by Martindale-Hubbell®, a peer review award. We are ready to fight to help you get paid for your work. Where your business relationships are being abused by unscrupulous persons, we are ready to fight back on your behalf. We are also ready to defend you against claims for defective workmanship or late completion.

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