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The premier law firm of Rosenthal Law Group has provided exemplary service to local and national clients for over 14 years. We are available to represent clients in a wide array of legal business matters, including: litigation, business torts, insurance coverage, general contract disputes, business law, change of ownership or corporate structure, business dissolution, construction law, construction litigation, commercial landlord tenant litigation, commercial landlord rights & responsibilities, general corporate counsel, mergers & acquisitions, employment & consulting agreements, corporate reorganizations, appeals, business, corporate & partnership disputes, breach of contract, tortious interference with contract, collections, employment & labor, protecting trade secrets, real estate litigation, and contract negotiation and disputes.

Founded in 1997, our legal team has business and law degrees from some of the finest universities in the country. We have extensive experience in complex legal business matters and commercial transactions. We regularly achieve tremendous success for our clients in their legal disputes, providing a high quality of legal advocacy. As premier Orlando commercial litigation lawyers, you can count on us for unsurpassable professionalism.

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Our firm works closely with all manner of legal specialists in many different fields in order to ensure you obtain the desired result. We have strong ties to architects, financial professionals, forensic accountants, and many others that may be necessary for your specific situation.

Your business is an important aspect of your life. It is crucial to choose a professional and skilled legal counsel to protect your interests in any business dispute. We strive to fully understand your legal situation and tailor a legal strategy that will provide you with a successful outcome. Our goal is always to provide you with the best possible resolution in the most cost effective manner.

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